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All our products are gluten-free, super low in sugar (sweetened with maple syrup and brown rice syrup), provide long-lasting energy, and are delicious to boot!

“All of Battenkill Wholesome Foods pack a ton of nutrients without the added sugar that similar products have. The ingredients provide fiber, protein, heart-healthy fats and antioxidants with only 1/4 of the carb count of traditional granola and energy bars per serving. All BWF products are a much better option for people trying to avoid blood sugar spikes.”
– Maria Alfaro, RD, CDCES, Registered dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator

Battenkill Wholesome Foods are all low in sugar & high in protein!

BATTENKILL BRITTLE  is the perfect snack
  • Has 5g of protein and only 2g of sugar (from maple syrup and brown rice syrup)
  • Gives you that necessary energy boost for any and all active endeavors (cycling, hiking, sports, working out, yoga, etc.)
  • Perfect pick-me-up for that afternoon office slump
  • Great as an in-between class snack
OUR CRUMBLE & CEREALS  are packed with nutrition
  • Add the Crumble or Cereals to your yogurt for a more lasting effect
  • Try Crumble on oatmeal and salad for added protein
  • Enjoy a hearty breakfast with Coconut Apricot or Apple Raisin Cereal
  • For pure delight, sprinkle Crumble on ice cream!