Committed to Sustainability!

At Battenkill Wholesome Foods, we are extremely committed to doing the least amount of harm to our planet as possible.

To meet this commitment, we run our operation on solar power and our production is practically zero waste: we produce less than 2 pounds of garbage a week! Everything else gets reused, composted, or recycled: seed bags become packaging material, plastic bags get recycled or reused, cardboard boxes get reused for shipping, and five-gallon pails get donated to local farms. We have a fully electric car that is charged from our solar power!

We also β€œharvest” cardboard boxes and packing paper for shipping whenever possible by reusing from local stores and buy additional boxes that use recycled paper. After packaging the Brittle and Crumble, we use the leftover “crumbs” in our cookies and baked goods or donate them to a local organization, Grateful Hearts, that makes meals for families who are food insecure. Almost all our ingredients are organic and, of course, we use locally produced Vermont maple syrup!

We have tried to stay on top of advances in packaging materials for our products while also having to consider shelf life and cost. 90% of the packaging is either recyclable or made with a plant-based material. We are constantly trying to improve upon the materials we use to make them even more earth-friendly.

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts and choosing companies that prioritize green practices!